Tommee Tippee is vendor of the year at Babies R Us!
When this successful British product line was ready to launch in the US they called on Euro Style for up-to-date decorative designs. They were also looking for the “added touch” that would appeal to today’s Moms in the US. The styling earned the line an exclusive spot on the shelves at Babies R Us.

Tommee Tippee creates a dramatic planogram and endcaps that make an impact with simple packaging that allows the product to take center stage. Each piece in this line is designed to mix and match and our photography captures the ways in which these products are beautiful and convenient for everyday life. We couldn’t be happier for Tommee Tippee and their success at Babies R Us in 2010. Their 4’ planogram has just been extended to 8’ and is considered the “it” line in infant feeding today!