Is your trade show presence WORKING for you?
With over 25 years of strategic branding experience, Euro Style has a few secrets up their sleeve for making the most out of trade shows for your brand. We’re ready to share a few with you.

Secret #1 – Be Bold! Get Creative!
Feel like you’re going into your trade show empty-handed? Even without new products or initiatives ready to debut, take a page from the Hollywood playbook and create excitement by hinting at what’s ahead for your product line and your brand.

A little creativity can help build anticipation for what you’re working on and keep your brand on the buyer’s radar. Prince Lionheart faced this exact situation at the ABC show and used it to their advantage. What they did succeeded beyond all expectations and made them the talk of the show.

The Challenge.
Prince Lionheart was very excited with the packaging refresh and the new products being developed—but these were projected for release the following year. No problem. With no new products or initiatives ready to debut, the team got creative and decided to reveal a preview of what was to come. The goal: create excitement, build anticipation and remind the industry that Prince Lionheart was a vital player in the juvenile market.

The Solution.
In a bold move, they increased their exhibit floor space and created an entirely new booth. The design would center around the refresh — introducing the use of orange and white in a modern, hip approach. We made a statement by creating a lounge atmosphere that was an oasis from the chaotic trade show floor. (Incidentally, Prince Lionheart introduced the trend-setting color orange to the juvenile market that year — a look that has since been copied by countless competitors.)

The Result.
With floor to ceiling details, including live orange trees, the new booth became an impossible-to-miss destination. The buzz created by this bold exhibit made Prince Lionheart a hit at the show and the big retailers — the WalMarts, Targets, etc. — took notice. Buyers for these retailers were confident that the upcoming package refresh would be a success with the consumer and increase sales.

Bottom line?
Prince Lionheart took an unexpected risk and invested resources in their booth to make sure they were noticed. It paid off in a big way. Five years later, people are still talking about the exhibit debut and the changes that followed. From start-ups to industry leaders, you need to create a “wow” moment for your brand. Whether it’s the debut of a re-branding effort, an interactive booth element, outstanding new product release, a bold brand statement or even enthusiastic booth hosts — make your brand the talk of the show.

We appreciate the power of a successful trade show presence. We’ll be sharing more secrets in the weeks to come. After all, a successful trade show can lead to a full year (or more!) of buzz-worthy highlights.

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