Earn Your Buyers’ Trust

Secret #1 – Become an Expert.
Before you can be a success on the shelf you have win the heart of the retail buyer. Buyers have a vested interest in the retail success of the products they bring to the shelf. They want to back a winner. At times this can lead to over-cautionary behavior on their part. To overcome potential obstacles on your trip to the shelf, demonstrate your expertise in identifying industry trends and consumer buying habits. Show that you know what appeals to the buyers customer base. When you are recognized as an expert, the buyer develops greater confidence in what your are bringing to market.

Believe it or not, expertise is not out of reach. Rely on your agency as a resource, most of what they produce for you is based on extensive research into the market, trends and consumers.

For example, part of the Euro Style process involves multiple store checks to get a realistic impression of your competitors and your brand. We research current and upcoming trends in fashion, color, styles and materials—not only in the US market but the European market as well. All of the research is analyzed and then presented to our clients. Often our clients use these presentations and mood boards as part of the pitch to the buyer. Partner with your agency, it’s what we are here for.

Be the Talk of the Town.
Once you’re in the store, continue to generate news for your brand. There should be something new to talk about every time you meet with a buyer or attend a tradeshow. News doesn’t always mean new products. News can be anything from a package redesign, rebranding effort, updated fashion palette, new product styling or even exciting projections for the upcoming year. What is most important is to keep buyers engaged and enthusiastic about your brand.

Updates Matter.
It’s easy to coast when your products succeed but actually that is when you have to work harder. Your competition will try to imitate your success or bump you off the shelf! Consumers are always looking for the next NEW, MUST HAVE item. Keep your brand relevant to the market. Commit to moderate updates in product styling and packaging every 2-3 years to keep up with changing trends. Re-evaluate and refresh your brand every 4-6 years. This type of news will keep your customers excited and your sales numbers up, resulting in a buyer who is confident in your brand’s shelf equity

Work as a Team.
You, your agency and your buyers are a team with the same goal in mind — deliver a successful product to the consumer. Each part of the team has unique insight that, when shared, creates a stronger brand.

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